Meet the Band

Picture of Mike Pan

Mike Pann

Guitar player. My mother is responsible for my interest in music. When I was a kid, she would play and sing classic folk songs, bought me my first guitar, and taught me my first chords. My musical interests are extremely varied, influenced by groups like Minor Threat all the way to Queen, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Tool, and Slayer. I am a guitarist who is willing to play just about anything. My interests include audio software, post production, studio work, nature, grilling, comedy, and taking one day at a time to enjoy life. Rock on....

Picture of Austin Novak

Ausin Novak

Guitar player. Turn ons are whiskey, the smell of fire, the woods, kittens. Turn offs hive mentality. Enough Said.

Picture of Jeff Clark

Jeff Clarke

Bass Guitar Player, been playing a decade plus. From Madison WI. Born in Boston, MA. Music is my life, love it! Inspired by classic rock, electronic, jam bands, psychedelic music. Really enjoy just fully experiencing music.

Picture of Tyler Willenbrink

Tyler Willenbrink

Drummer for the group. I enjoy stirring things up as much as possible with a little rhythm. A recent graduate of Madison Media Institute, I always want to learn more about anything and everything that has to do with technology and sound. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet you and see what you have to teach!